Home Inspections

Are you concerned about the potential for having a home electrical fire?  Here are some important facts.

According to the National Fire Prevention Association (1), there were over 47,700 home electrical fires in the United States in 2011. These firers resulted in over:

  • 400 deaths,
  • 1,500 injuries, and
  • $1.4 billion in direct property damage

Other Important Facts

Overall, electrical fires result in greater dollar loss per fire than nonelectrical fires

In 79% of home fires, the fire spreads beyond the area where the fire starts

39% of home fires involve outlets and receptacles, electrical branch circuits (e.g., interior house wiring) and other home electrical wiring. (2)


  1. Accessed July 28, 2014. National Fire Prevention Association’s report “Electrical Fires.” John R. Hall Junior.  Issued April 2013. http://www.nfpa.org/research/reports-and-statistics/fire-causes/electrical
  2. US Fire Administration 2014. http://www.usfa.fema.gov/citizens/home_fire_prev/electrical.shtm


Protect your loved ones

Electrical fires can happen at any moment, even while you’re asleep or not at home.


The Solution:  Holzmacher Electric’s Unsurpassed Service

Holzmacher Electric recommends that you have a Home Electrical Safety Inspection performed once a year to identify any potential hazardous problems.  We complete a complimentary visual Home Safety Evaluation on every service call. Beyond the visual inspection, we offer two additional levels of Investigatory Safety Inspections.  Call Holzmacher Electric at 513.339.9870 for more details.